Prices mentioned against each item are the final cost to the buyer – There are no hidden costs.
Shipping is done through the Federal Express Corporation or as agreed with the client.

Tracking Number : –

After the dispatch of the Shipment through FedEx/UPS/DHL or any other service, the customer shall be communicated by email an Internet tracking number, which can be tracked on the respective websites of the shipping or courier companies. This number normally becomes operational within 24 hours of dispatch. After the number has become operational and has been provided to the buyer, the article shall be deemed to be delivered to the buyer.

Period of Delivery : –

The normal period for delivery to US, European, and Australian destinations is between 4 to 6 business days. However, we do not guarantee any time limit of delivery. In odd instances, a consignment may be delayed due to extraneous circumstances such as delayed Customs clearance, Flight delays, etc.

Customs Clearance  : –

The consignment will be delivered to the buyer at his/her doorstep by the Carrier, after all customs formalities have been completed. The Carrier will be responsible for the clearance of the shipment from Customs. The customs duty is to be paid by the Consignee.


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